Two dinkum Aussies tour southern USA

Welcome aboard the Dinkum Dixie Express
Thank you for joining us on our adventure as we tour through many of the southern American States. We trust that you will find our daily journal and the photos contained therein both interesting and enjoyable.

Our itinerary takes us first to Los Angeles where we'll spend a few days with friends before flying on to New Orleans in the State of Louisiana. Some days later we'll collect our rental car and proceed to tour through seven southern States. We'll eventually terminate our holiday in Atlanta Georgia.

This website will be compiled and published progressively as we travel along day by day. With a bit of luck we should be able to update it at least every few days. It's just a little project for having some fun whilst creating a souvenir keepsake we can occasionally re-visit in the future.

We'll try our best to include some humour in our daily holiday journal and no doubt the joke will usually be on us. If past touring odysseys are any guide, we'll probably have our fair share of triumphs and tragedies 

It's always nice to receive news about what's happening in your part of the world whilst we're away and out of touch. We welcome your email messages and any news about your own daily adventures. Also feel free to fill us in on the main news headlines in Australia so we have a bit of an idea about what's happening at home.

And if we should happen to win the Lottery whilst we're away, the first one to report the good news to us gets to have half the prize! To have any chance of such a windfall, first you'll have to buy us a ticket!

Best wishes from us both,


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